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Welcome to the Venison Donation Coalition

The Venison Donation Coalition, Inc. is a non-profit organization that coordinates the efforts f hunters, deer processors, food banks, individuals and organizations to provide a high protein, low fat meat source to the hungry.

  •      Established in 1999
  •      Services 52 counties throughout New York
  •      Averages 37.58 tons of venison per year
  •    Approximately 300,000 meals served per year

Monetary donations are welcomed and encouraged through Paypal on our website or at your town clerks offices and retailers where hunting and fishing licenses are sold. Just $1.00 can make a big difference. Please help.

Spend a little time looking around our site. You can find a processor to donate a deer to under the Processors tab or if you are looking to receive venison, click on the Distribution tab for the nearest food bank that service your county. For a detailed history and additional information on the Venison Donation Coalition, check out the Who We Are section.  Press releases and news information can always be found in the Media section.

Thank you for stopping by and supporting the Venison Donation Coalition.  We can’t do it alone and your help is greatly needed and appreciated in helping those less fortunate.



Processor Tribute

Our many thanks to over 120 meat processors for making Venison Donation a success, without them we couldn’t do it! Meat processors, like farm families, like hunting families, like Food Bank families, have strong family values, strong work ethics and a true desire to help folks. Many meat processing businesses have been family run for generations.

Venison Donation Coalition
An American Tradition Helping Others
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